The first of many San Francisco art posts to come in this upcoming week! This is at the Artist Xchange in San Francisco’s Mission District (3169 16th St., San Francisco, CA, 94103). View more art on their website,, and if you’re an independent Bay Area musician, you can even submit your music to their listening station.

Dave Crosland told us to stop by there explicitly, as many of his pieces are on display in their gallery right now. We didn’t refuse. Here’s a quick look at what’s in store for you if you are to visit the small art boutique.

More of Dave’s work at!

Other exhibiting artists for the month of June may include: Bryana Fleming, Dave Crosland, Daniel Cheek, Marilyn Jones, Enoc De La Rocha, Erin Mcelroy, Larissa Martin, Eugene R., Franz Schnaas, Joseph Szymanski, Ben Collison, Aindrila, Michael-Che` Swisher, Georgianne Fastaia, Brad Wright, Hang Nguyen, Hiroko Sakai, Sherry Holiday, JBalducci, MZZ T RZZ, Cameron Forsley, Liz Worthy, Kelcie Tinker, Hilary Williams, Cade Burkhammer, Michael A. Levin, Gems For Jewels, Matt Delight, MaryEllen Mahar, Francois Egron, Niana Liu, Pat Markle.

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