It’s been a while since an artist has completely blown my mind — especially in the urban art and illustration world — but Deuce 7‘s work did just that. They feature fantastically whispy lines, bright colors, and figures that walk the fine line between abstract and realistic. His pieces are somewhat juvenile like a child’s story book, yet ornate like the trimmings on a Gothic church. Coupled together, the result is nothing short of amazing — like a twisted children’s fairy tale.

Due to eavesdropping, I found out loosely that this piece was the result of driving past the same 7 mile Flathead tunnel in Montana over and over again. It doesn’t look exactly like this in real life. A shame. (Photo from Deuce 7’s Flickr account.)

Three pieces that took over the north wall of BLVD.

Deuce 7 takes care of people like me who don’t have money to burn with an assortment of framed little pieces that are every bit as intricate as the large ones, but cost much less — from $75 to $200.

Trust me — these pictures do not do Deuce 7 justice. Friday, July 11th, was the opening reception for his current show at the BLVD Gallery. It’ll run until August 2nd, 2008, so please, be sure to check it out.

More information at BLVD Gallery’s Website