In this green day and age, people are constantly trying to find alternatives to paper. Now comes an alternative you may not even have heard of. POOP PAPER. That’s right — paper made of poop.

Buffalo poo is the newest star in this movement of animal poo products, brought to you by the cleverly (and/or atrociously) named Dung and Dunger! Made in Idaho and printed by artist Daniel Hidalgo and Victor Bruha, it’s the American version of elephant dung paper. They sell one of a kind animal prints using the paper, primarily targeting national park-goers. They even set up shop at Yellowstone National Park once in a while.

The first buffalo dung print made by Dung and Dunger!

Detail of the dung… doesn’t it look so silky and smooth?

Let’s break down the paper-making process for you into easy-to-digest terms.

Heaping globs of steaming or rotting buffalo poop get scooped up… not an easy thing considering they consist of grasses and foliage and are therefore quite delicate. The heaps are collected from private bison herds in Montana, near Yellowstone National Park.

The dungy poo gets boiled in a pot, possibly in something like a pot, possibly in something similar to what you’d make soup in. Apparently, though, it doesn’t smell all that bad.

The boiled poop is combined with recycled paper pulp, because by itself, it’d be much too fragile to hold together. The wet sheet is molded and transferred onto a “couching sheet,” for drying.

Rinse and repeat. Most custom papers are created using a similar process… poop-free or not.

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