A few months ago, we stumbled across the layered textile works of Margot Lovinger and were blown away by the intricacies in her recreation of the human form using fabrics.

Now another artist with a similar technique but much more detailed subject matter has caught our eyes. A new solo show at the Richard L. Nelson Gallery of UC Davis features the mind-blowing works of Laura Breitman, who similarly collages patterns to create art pieces. The main differences? Breitman’s works are full-blown landscapes, lovingly and painstakingly recreated from photos taken by her husband, Michael Needleman. Also, Breitman uses not only sheer fabrics, but a combination of fabrics and papers, which bring added depth and texture. Her works are not as exacting; they combine the randomness of nature with the randomness of hand-crafted works to create pieces that are organic yet much more artistic than simple landscape drawings.

[Left] Looking Up; [Right] Looking Up Detail View

Breitman’s extraordinarily multi-layered and multi-patterned pieces range in size from 10″ x 10″ to 40″ x 40″. The exhibition will run for ten weeks, from September 25th, 2008 to December 7th, 2008.

The artist will also be holding a demonstration of her collaging process, live at the gallery on November 4th at 4:30pm. The demonstration, which is open to all members of the curious public, is guaranteed to be a learning experience.


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