Agree or disagree with Barack Obama’s policies, he has done something that has caused numerous artists to practically idolize him and reproduce him in visual form. Amongst the most famous is probably one image that has been used somewhat ad nauseum, and that is the rendition of Obama shown below, crafted by Obey Giant creator, Shepard Fairey.

Obama fans will rejoice loudly. There will soon be a Manifest Hope Gallery on display from August 24 through August 28 at the Democratic National Convention. The gallery will be housed within Denver’s Andenken Gallery, and an additional transformed warehouse space, which spans 10,000 sq. ft, will be included as well. Dozens of artists will take part, including Alex Pardee, David Choe, Elizabeth Rosen, and Zina Saunders.

All this goes hand in hand with our coverage of artwork made by supporters of presidential candidates back in Spring 2008… seems like Obama is the favored candidates of artists, hands down.


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