Garde Rail really crafted an amazing exhibit this time around, featuring a good group of artists with varying styles. The gallery did find them to be quite harmonious, however, and fit them all into a new subgenre known as “Folk Pop.” It was deliciously tasty, and will run from now until Saturday, April 26th. It’s highly recommended that you check it out IMMEDIATELY!

Robots on crunchy little textures surfaces, courtesy of the mind of Tim Hooper, an outsider artist from Tennessee. He blends humor and illustrative skill to create one of a kind cutesy pieces for everyone who likes to smile.

The work of Gregory L. Blackstock may be rather confusing upon first sight, but it’s the story that makes it deeply more interesting. Blackstock is autistic but possesses extraordinary abilities to create art and music and speak multiple languages. The above drawings depict different “Buzz Bombs,” or firework helicopters. His drawings come from his need to document everything he sees, and his other pieces are much more intricate than the ones shown above.

Ab The Flagman‘s depiction of the American flag, using wood pieces and bedposts that were subsequently painted red, white, and blue.

The amazing three-dimensional work of Kevin Titzer, who uses driftwood from the Ohio River to craft his unique characters.

Paul Cordes Wilm is from Birmington, Alabama, and his showcased work is a blend of collage and paint. The above picture is collaged from newspaper coupon pages. Yay!

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