Are you obsessed with sticking crap on street poles?

Then get your work published alongside artists like Zoso and Aaron Kraten!

We covered this project in the Spring 2008 print issue of REDEFINE, but it’s time the web got a taste of the Label 228 Project, an unpaid labor of love started by artist Camden Noir.

One of Camden’s images.

Another project that has recently caught our attention is the “Hello, my name is…” art book project. Not quite sure what their official name is, but one thing is clear: they need a better name. Haha.

To our knowledge, the Label 228 Project is still seeking a publisher, and the Hello Sticker book will be published in late 2010. Thus far, however, it seems that the Label 228 Project as a head start in terms of content quality. It will be interesting to see how all this pans out.

(And wait… what’s this right here? Is there’s another? How many of these projects are there?)

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