Craft museums are always interesting places, even if you don’t care much for crafts yourself. Crafty folks just have an innate ability to create displays and installations that make good use of three-dimensional space without feeling cluttered. From now until almost the end of April 2009, the San Francisco Museum of Craft + Design will have an exhibit featuring works from over a dozen successful San Francisco-area graphic designers, and the exhibit’s designers craftily utilize objects and space to display the designs. Like an issue of Print magazine, the exhibit will showcase graphic design of all kinds, from websites to exhibit designs and print advertisements. The work represented will be just as diverse as the designers themselves.

Designers included are: Philippe Becker (Philippe Becker Design), Jennifer Bostic (Paper Plane Studio), Adam Brodsley and Eric Heiman (Volume Inc.), Josh Chen (Chen Design Associates), Tom Ingalls (Ingalls Design), Jennifer Jerde (Elixir Design), Mitchell Mauk (Mitchell Mauk Design), Sara Schneider (Chronicle Books), Michael Schwab (Michael Schwab Studio), Christopher Simmons (MINE), Barbara Vick (Barbara Vick Design), and Cinthia Wen (NOON). The show is curated by Michael Osborne (Michael Osborne Design).

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