H. Mathis is quite the peculiar artist. He revels in AntiSuccess. He utilizes MySpace to get supplies he needs for art. He puts together secret art meetings (also with the assistance of CraigsList) that are so secretive that I don’t even quite understand them after reading about them in detail (see the beginnings of secret art meeting in the image below).

H. Mathis’ new book and DVD collection, “Super Secret Art Interaction,” is now on sale at Multi Polar Projects. Although I still have no idea as to the exact details of said book and DVD, H. Mathis’ methods of putting together art shows, creating art, and bringing artsy folks together spark curiosity. His art interactions almost entirely rely on the curiosity of others, and they bring art and experimentation out of the galleries and into the streets.

Below is AK, or Alaska, piled with dirt. Strangers off of CraigsList were asked to submit dirt from their hometowns, and they did. The submissions were strained and shown off on cute little sculptures such as the one below.

Head on over to AntiSuccess to dive deeper into the mystery; prepare to be simultaneously elated and confused.

h mathis


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