I See Beyond The Black Sun is one of those good news/bad news scenarios. The good news is that someone at the K Records office has been coming into some top notch micro dot acid. Unfortunately, that’s also the bad news, as it lead them to release this minimalist album of alternating didgeridoo and skronking baritone sax drone. I kept expecting something else to happen in the few listens I’ve managed to give this one, but other than a subtle backbeat entering the equation near the end, that’s it. Didgeridoo drone for ten minutes, skronking sax for ten minutes, and then back to the didgeridoo.

In all actuality, it’s probably some kind of homemade instrument that makes both skronking sax and didgeridoo type sounds, but whatever. Now, if you’re into weird music, like you know I am, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I have it on while I’m writing this, and it’s kind of making me think that I’m in the movie Naked Lunch, and my typewriter is a talking reptilian mutant that dispenses three kinds of intoxicating fluid from its protruding head tentacles. But that’s just me. Would I say I recommend this to anyone that doesn’t share that particular fantasy? Not really.


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