The 1300/Third Gallery in Cleveland will have a pretty cool illustration and photography show coming up, in conjunction with The Steve Brown Gallery. The show will feature resident artists Benjamin Haehn (with his colored pencil and oil piece, Shark Shark, pictured to the right) and Trelawney O’Brien, as well as illustrator Robb Hare.

The Steve Brown Gallery (TBSG) is a floating gallery that essentially showcases works in different parts of Cleveland, Ohio, and they’ve already attained three exciting spaces — one of which is the 1300/Third Gallery. Others include Brigade Clothing and Shoparooni, but all will be available on The Steve Brown Gallery‘s website after the show’s openings. TBSG will offer awesome art, but counseling services and career advice for artists as well, on topics as diverse as finding a quality printer to attaining wholesale distribution. It will no doubt serve as an amazing resource for artists as well as art-lovers.

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