From this date, you have exactly two weeks to head on over to Roq La Rue Gallery to check out the exhibit by Seattle’s new transplant, Christian Van Minnen. Aptly titled “Neo Grotesque,” the show flaunts Van Minnen’s “Keyhole” series, which utilize a blend of floral and fauna, akin to the works of Giuseppe Arcimboldo, peeking out from under cut out silhouettes of historically-significant art pieces. Textbook nature illustrations meet sci-fi ideas and dramatic coloring in Van Minnen’s pieces. The piece above might seem elegant and graceful, but don’t be fooled; Van Minnen’s pieces often use abstractions of form and figure to turn simple drawings of plants, roots, and mushrooms into strange-looking beasts and people. Head on over to Roq La Rue to view his crafty pieces while you still can.

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