Every once in a while, I get really excited about a new artist, and Dennis Zimmermann is one who has definitely sparked my interest as of late. Despite the fact that he’s been holed up on the generally fine art, mom and pop-friendly art Whidbey Island for the past three years, it’s about time to get Zimmermann’s work to the larger cities. He doesn’t seem to have one style, but does have the unique ability to do it all, from graphic design and hand-drawn works to computer rendered, multi-layered beauties. Ultra Libre VII features inkjet projections onto vellum paper, which can be a frustrating task for those of us who have ever worked with vellum. But what’s even more interesting is Zimmermann’s ability to crank computer-created works out into formats that can be accentuated by or even mistaken for a more hands-on approach.

Below is one of his newer pieces, on display now at the goforaloop Gallery in San Francisco.


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