The YYYs have put out a request for fans to design the t-shirts for their next tour! View the full details are at, but here’s what Miss Karen O has to say about it:

“Hey Folks, all us YYYs have been avid collectors of t-shirts over the years, what can we say, WE LIKEY A GOOD T-SHIRT. In our travels many of you have chucked a homemade YYY tee on the stage or what not and all the shirts have always been unique and poured over with loooooove. So it got us thinking: how about giving you the fans a crack at coming up with a fresh new blitzin’ YYY T-shirt design! It’s a natural fact that YYYs have amongst YOU a whole heap of ART STARS! So school’s out for the summer and we want you to spend a hot lazy afternoon throwing something together for us YYYs to REPRESENT! And I got a hunch you’re gonna bring it! And if you do we’ll bring back a little something in return…!! Luv, YYYs”

The winner will get a bunch o’ signed stuff from the band and will have their tshirt printed + sold on the upcoming YYYs tour and online.

Designs must be submitted by July 22nd, 2009.

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