From now until September 5th, the Distinction Gallery in Escondido, California has an extremely exciting group show that shows off what our world might look like if the mystical was paired with the scientific. Floating objects defying gravity, bodies contorting into miscellaneous shapes, and human limbs that look more like jello are all present in full force.

The lineup includes Sean Chappell (with Renewal 1, above), whose time and space-traversing works are modern surrealism at its best. Also on display are pieces by the whimsical Gene Guynn (with Revolution), the charmingly unpolished Joseph Borzotta (with Bittersweet Fruit of Knowledge, bottom left), the conceptually-amazing Andy Haynes (with Overhead the Albatross Hangs Motionless Upon the Air), and the pop-surreal Joka (with Do Humans Dream of Organic Peace, below).

But seriously, as if these pieces aren’t exciting enough, there are more amazing pieces by similarly-themed individuals such as the amazing work of Christian Rex Van Minnen and twisted story book art of Mark Bryan.

This lineup is definitely ridiculous and shouldn’t be missed if you like the surreal at all. So go check out the Distinction Gallery, NOW!

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