It’s surprising to see that Seattle Public Utilities are holding a half-decent emerging artist art show, but it’s happening somehow… from now until March 31st. Here are two notable artists from that show (which is actually not much of a show, I think, so much as it is a way of helping workers of the Seattle Municipal Tower a slight bit happier).

Eva Skold Westerlind makes the age-old art of nature photography look much more interesting than it usually is. Some of Westerlind’s astounding photos document views that might only last an hour or a minute, making them a true capture of a moment in time. These images from her above Anableps series capture a surprisingly varied and unique take on reflections and water. Her Melt series finds characters, dinosaurs, and shapes created by melting snow, akin to the shapes one would identify when watching cloads floating by overhead.

Maki Tamura‘s works easily inspire awe almost immediately. This piece, Birds, features painted watercolor images of birds framed by painted and carefully ornamented, multi-layered wood frames. Tamura’s eye for three-dimensional and two-dimensional design is unparalleled, and her pieces stand out as a homage to eras like the Gothic and Victorian eras, where beauty in intricacies, shapes, and patterns still made a world of difference.

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