Greg Ferris is inspired by machines, architecture, and perhaps the mystical. Combine those things, and you get a shiny new .gif-fy take on what all those things might look like when worked together. Here’s what Ferris had to say about this piece:

“This particular work sprouted out of conversations with a local sea-faring veteran I often encounter during my daily routine. I’m a young man, and he has more than a few lifetimes on me… perhaps save this insight as the foundation for visual dialogue.

All the elements are piled about my studio: the wood blocks photocopied, angular rainbow cut outs, white-out, and the final collage hangs. I put it into the computer, then realized how much more it would convey as a 2 frame .gif animation. Like a circulating perspective, through the sextant? Macro/micro conditions? Not the most conventional medium, but undeniable I think.”

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