On a recent trip to Peru, I was keeping my eyes peeled for contemporary Peruvian art, and was lucky enough to stumble across Mullu, a boutique and art gallery in the towns of Cusco and Pisac. One particular artist, Eugenia Werner Muñoz, had some work showing at two of the Pisac shops and, I later found out, also designs most of the clothing found at the shop. Her newest series of works, pictured above, blend contemporary pop art with traditional Peruvian elements, including the local currency and women wearing traditional native dress. In a place like Peru, where traditional art and elaborate textiles seem to hold precedence over contemporary art, coming across the work of Muñoz and of Mullu was an exciting treat.

If you’re ever in Peru, they have two locations in Pisac and one in Cusco, and the Plaza De Armas branch in Pisac offers some very tasty food.


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