Economy bad? Unemployed? Have a whole lotta time on your hands? Why not travel to Minnesota and work with other artists to create exciting sculpture work?

The Franconia Sculpture Park, located 45 miles northeast of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, is looking for sculpture submissions for 2009! The park currently has over 70 sculptures showcased, and they support emerging sculptors as well as established ones. From the looks of it, FSP is not an elitist sculpture park where only one kind of style is acceptable (like, *cough* the Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle), which allows for a diverse and unique atmosphere.

Founded in 1996, Franconia Sculpture Park is innovative. It combines artists at work, residence, and exhibition space in one venue, and a number of new artists are invited to create and exhibit their work annually. They will be offering three different opportunities this year for sculptors to get their work to the public, so act fast: applications must be postmarked by February 7th, 2009!

Visit for details!