Most of us have probably been to craft fairs. They’re usually the same ol same ol rehashing of vendor after vendor setting up on fold out table after fold out table. Raised in Craftivity, curated by Maria Buszek, features crafty art that is less practical and more exciting. Whether it be embroidery, woodworking, beadwork, ceramics, or knitting that artists like Elaine Bradford, Orly Cogan, Maggy Rozycki Hiltner, and KnittaPlease embrace, literally every one of the artists on display are ridiculously inventive with their creations. Raised in Craftivity is a long-running show for a reason; it not only tells, but shows visitors that crafts can result in much more than tea cozies and aprons.

The show is on display from now until March 7th, 2009, at the Wignall Museum in Rancho Cucomonga, California.

Elaine Bradford
Elaine Bradford‘s Locked Antlers features yarn and buttons wrapped around real deer heads.

Orly Cogan
Orly Cogan creatively embroiders naked beings over pre-printed fabric in Butterfly Song Triptych.

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