Sometimes I’ll come across artwork online that makes me gasp aloud because it’s simply so well-executed — but most of all, shockingly unexpected.

The above sculptures by Pacific Northwest native Scott Fife, now on display at the Platform Gallery, elicited just such a reaction from me. Given the show’s name, American Beauty, Fife’s work is just about the last thing I would have expected.

Part of the appeal of the sculptures is that they are reminiscent to me of drawings set on a bed of watercolor, only come to three-dimensional life. It makes sense, when one takes into account Fife’s painting abilities as well (evident in the T. Rx (study) in the image above, to the left of the sculpture). Take their size into account as well — with T. Rex at 64″H x 41″W x 64″D and Elvis at 42″H x 24″W x 30″D — and the pieces become even more astounding.

Drywall screws, archival cardboard, and glue, when used by Fife, make sculpture with these uncommon items seem easy.

On display now through October 10th, 2009.