Tuesday, August 11th, Seattle artists D.K. Pan, NKO, and Holly Brown will be undergoing a 24-hour project that merges art with the literature of famed Japanese writer, Haruki Murakami. The performance / reading of Murakami’s A Wild Sheep Chase will unfold as one pens the exterior of a box truck, another types the text on an endless scroll of paper, and the third reads the novel atop the truck. The reading begins at 11:00am and will continue through the night, until morning.

An overnight event sponsored by Seattle’s ArtsParks program, the performance will be a test of endurance and dedication. Five Murakami-related site-specific performances have been slated to run from June through October, with the following artists and art organizations conducting them: Doug Jeck, dk pan / nko rey, 826 Seattle, Steve and Katie Messick with Orchestra Seattle, and Gina Coffman with Seth Damm and Kristin Ougendal.

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