Tomorrow is the last day you’ll be able to check out the Halogen Gallery‘s June Variety Show which features — you’ve guessed it — a variety of works by artists from Seattle and slightly beyond. Amongst the grouping include some real Redefine favorites. Here are some of the pieces you can check out, along with a cool mural by Max Kauffman which you can catch an ever-so-small glimpse of in the image above.

Max Kauffman seems to be the centerpiece of this particular Variety Show, what with his offering up a mural and more than a dozen of his pieces for sale. His signature style, full of bright watercolors and organic lines, really make their mark on a good portion of the wall here. It helps that I honestly can’t say I’ve seen many watercolor pieces glossed with resin, but the added touch, such as in Suck It Down (pictured left), gives the pieces a nice sheen.

Bryan Mandronico always manages to create sci-fi-themed images that are still cutesy and colorful enough to appeal to not only males and females, but nerds and non-nerds alike. And in a time where robots and octopi are strangely in vogue, the hybrid of them in Wendl Pup (pictured right) is perhaps even more appealing still.

Crystal Wall Lancaster‘s recent paintings seem to pay homage to vintage fashion in an updated way. While pieces like Percy (shown left) depart a bit from her usual, darker style of female figure rendering, neon colors and crazy patterns are in, and these pieces seem to capture a portrait of what the current state of fashion might look like if blended with the old.

Kelly Patton exercises careful control over watercolor with three delicate pieces, including Spell: Violins (pictured right). Watercolored animals and insects pop out of gold leaf backgrounds, and the organic color palette lends itself well to the overall message behind the pieces.