Urban Medium likes to delve head-first into the playful manipulation of well-known yet controversial figures. Throw all the clear-cut positive role models out the window, and bring in the unruly.

You can join the revolution by purchasing one of their initially confusing prints.

Anger strangers who come to your house and see a print of Charles Manson… and then throw them off guard when they look closer and realize Mr. Manson actually has a Hello Kitty stamped onto his forehead!

Or maybe you can surprise your Communist neighbor an image of the beloved North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il… who has really been transformed into Kim Jong ILL!! He’s all flossed up, and he’s no longer supporting early morning calisthenics routines; he’s supporting Wu-Tang Clan, Nike, and James Bond. Bling, bling. Blang, blang.

The limited edition three image screened set is limited to 100 copies, printed on 18″ x 25″ 80# stock (thick paper, for those unacquainted with printing techniques). They are signed and numbered with UrbanMedium pins and stickers, and at $200 for all three, they’re actually kind of affordable.


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