Whoever is Scion’s Art Director or Head of Marketing is a genius. They always manage to sponsor extremely innovative art events to appeal to an audience that, in my book, probably wouldn’t even be the ideal Scion-purchasing candidate, but what do I know? They’re obviously still alive and kicking. Showcasing artists like AJ Fosik, Patrick Martinez, and Christina M. Felice, their show, National Art Tour Installation 5: Self Portrait, will kick off in Philadelphia on Friday, July 3rd, from 7:00pm to 11:00pm at T&P Fine Art. This diverse mixed-media show will showcase self-portraits by artists from around the country, and will end at Scion’s 4,200 square foot Los Angeles installation space. Talk about epic. All of the artwork will be auctioned off there, with proceeds going to Creative Capital, an organization that helps artists thrive through grants, workshops, and more.

Watch the video above for a good sample, or hit up Scion’s website for more information.


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