The 3D Center of Art and Photography in Portland, Oregon, is a rarity in its own right. A non-profit museum/gallery, the Center features antique and contemporary 3D imagery in the form of everything from antique stereocards to computer-generated 3D art.

On display now through May 31st, 2009, is The City Quakes: The San Francisco Earthquakes of 1906 & 1989. Sideways-slanting buildings and burnt ruins capture two main earthquake disasters in California in a way that has been forgotten through the years — through the use of 3D cards released by stereo card companies after the events.

Head over now, and you will also get the chance to see the work of Abe Fagenson, an artist who uses three-dimensional, stereoscopic methods in his paintings. New pieces from his rose series will be seen in the 3D Center’s A Rose is a Rose is a Rose in 3D!, and it will coincide with the city of Portland’s annual Rose Festival.

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