Ben Zhu has done it again.
The director of Gallery Nucleus has managed to muster yet another sick puppy of a show, but this time a serious panty buster. Tomorrow, Nucleus will be exhibiting the tricks of four ingenious Pixar artists [Don Shank, Lou Romano, Nate Wragg, and Scott Morse], prepared to drop somadat ancient knowhow on your virgin asses with their latest book, The Ancient Book of Sex and Science. I’m positive the show is going to be sensational, considering all four artists are going to be there in the flesh, representing “original artwork straight from the book’s pages.”

I’m sorry, excuse me?
You don’t know who Shank, Romano, Wragg, and Morse are?

Well, fxck.
You do if you’ve seen Ratatouille, The Incredibles, Wall-E,  Ren and Stimpy, Dexter’s Laboratory, or The goddamn Powerpuff Girls. So hustle on over. If anyone knows what science, sex, and the science of sex are, it’s definitely these guys.

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