Opening January 31st at the MarinMOCA (which is not in Marin, but in Novato, California — go figure) is a photography group show entitled Depth of Perception. The show features dozens of artists, including Sebastian Davila, Dan Van Winkle, and Andrea Land.

The artist I would like to highlight at this moment, however, is Xavier Nuez, who will be showcasing two pieces from his Alleys series. If society has told the public that there’s nothing redeeming about dingy abandoned buildings and dark freeway underpasses, Nuez thinks otherwise. This series features hyper-colored high-contrast nighttime shots of graffiti-covered bridges, industrial waste sites, and overgrown vegetations, in historically downtrodden places such as Detroit and Compton. Nuez sheds light — quite literally — on these dark and dingy places, and he relives his family history of homelessness and experiences with violent street gangs through these visual testaments to his past.

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