I get a little bit tird of hipster art photography sometimes (not to say that Miss Scarpulla is necessarily a hipster). You know the type — the type that takes over all Tumblr pages ad nauseum, with bleached out colors of pretty people, set against sunshiny backdrops. Well, they’re pretty photos, but they’re generally pretty photos that are indistinguishable from hoards of other pretty photos.

But every once in a while, you find photography by certain artists that might fall under that bracket on the surface, but really are much, much more interesting once you look closer.

Alison Scarpulla fits this description. She has two Flickr accounts — her popular one (aliscarpulla) and her less conceptual, more abstract one (freebliss). Both are brilliant. The photos from the former are often dark, haunting, and hazy tromps into smoky worlds:

Here are some photos from the latter — in particular, some glitched out lovelies:

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