While I tend to harp on this fact, it is incredibly rare to find a label that is a true tastemaker for a specific genre and consistently delivers. For this reason, Hello Sir Records out of Athens, GA stands out and has been an absolute gem of a label since its inception in 2006. If you are looking for amazingly technical jams from gorgeous post-rock to harder mathy stuff, this label is the first place you should look. That being said, when I picked up a copy of the debut release from the new four-piece out of Florida, Antarctic, I had incredibly high hopes and was not disappointed.

One of the best qualities of this record is the varied textures that Antarctic is able to produce with a very standard rock setup (drums, bass, and two guitars). Some of these tracks, like “Bergen” and “Intro”, are very melodic and would be comparable to bands like The Mercury Program and American Football (minus the vocals), while others like “Your Ships Are Googlin’ Pretty Hard” and “Arrowhead Wounds” would stand side-by-side with more metal-oriented acts like Russian Circles or By The End Of Tonight. All of this takes place in a mere thirty one minutes. While this record was released in late 2009, it still deserves this review, tons of other accolades, and platinum record sales. Basically, missing out on this would be a damn shame.


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