Just stumbled across a few prints by printmaking duo Apenest when searching for a t-shirt of my eternal live performance favorites These Arms Are Snakes. This is their design:

In fact, I’m not sure where one can attain this and am in the midst of conducting the appropriate research to make that known to this blog, but in the meantime, I want to queue up some reasons you should go to the website and buy something. Starting with this one, a silkscreen print appropriately entitled Everything. It’s intricate. Look closer.

Here’s what the dudes have to say about it:

We’ve made a lot of designs and drawings for stuff since starting Apenest a couple years ago.
Here is all of it, in a big transparent pile.

Process photos. Cool.

And last but not least, their Volume 2 book, which is now on sale for $25! It’s hand-numbered, limited to 1,000, and features the work of all of the following artists: John Copeland, Denise Kupferschmidt, Justin B Williams, Sophia Dixon, Bill Dunlap, Corey Arnold, Andrew Schoultz, Joseph Hart, Cody Hoyt, Paul Wackers, Grimaldi Baez, Brian Willmont, Corey Corcoran, Fighting, Mark Chariker, Eddie Martinez, Jeremy + Claire Weiss, Anthony Sobiech, Elton Lovelace, Zac Scheinbaum, Deep Slumber Lake, Whitney Claflin, Eric Saline, Meghan Tomeo, Chris Wawrinofsky, Travis Neel, Rebecca Gordon, Suzy Coady, and Alex Lukas. It also comes in a a slipcase with offset prints by Alex Lukas, Patrick Casey, James Quigley, Steak Mountain and Kevin Cyr… uhhhhh how can you not want this?

Eat it up! They are cool cats — or at least seemingly so — who are more about art and the process than making a quick buck. Gonna close it out with their self-proclaimed statement of work.

Our goal is to create a high quality and accessible creative publication solely focused on showcasing good art by emerging artists. We promise not to bombard you, the reader, with complicated, self-indulgent layouts, repetitive features on the same trendy artists, or record reviews.

We are artists first and foremost, and the goal of this project is creativity and experimentation. Not a “lifestyle” or a vehicle for advertisements.

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