The Blitz Capitol Hill Art Walk is the second Thursday of every month, meaning it’s tomorrow! Here are just a few of the things you can expect from it this month:

What promises to be an interesting group show, “Winter Lights: Explorations in Self-Illuminated Art” revolves around technology-driven art. Expect the kind of crazy art installations you might expect at an event like Burning Man. And as photos probably don’t do the project justice, so just check out this video from The UberGeek Project and some of the descriptions for the event:

Steve the Robot H.E.Ai.D. at Burning Man 2009 from Shelly Farnham on Vimeo.

Featuring some of the following:
Curtis Erlinger: Shedding Light
Eric McNeill: Post-temporal
Randy Moss: Untitled
The UberGeek Project: A Storm in the H.E.Ai.D.
Josh Kopel and Robert Gallup: Slow Light
Simon Winder: Chaos Theremin, Dekatronic Gooberzuber, 8675309
Shelly Farnham: Seeing, Hearing, Speaking Light
Jeff Larson: There Will Be Silicon
Jordan Schwartz: Bees

Allison Manch‘s Gimme Shelter textile works (My Bloody Valentine, inspired by My Bloody Valentine, below).

Showcasing works by their studio artists, including works by Betsy Barnum (It Was A Clean Scar, below), Danie Allinice, Jerry Grubaugh, and Mike Regan.

Mike Egan‘s Notes To Heaven.

And then you can head over to Cupcake Royale to get their cupcake of the month: the Velvet Elvis, in honor of Elvis’ 75th birthday on January 8th! Moist banana cake topped wiht a rich peanut butter fudge frosting, topped with a sweet and crunchy little banana chip?? YUM!