Constructed Documentation of Altarpiece (Meant to Adorn Sacrificial Altar during Martyrdom of Google Images)

Brian J. Hettler is a digital media artist who attempts to approach his digital works with a fine art mentality. These glitched out images certainly look like digital works, but the similarities lie in the number of layers and how each additional layer affects the previous ones.

Check out his own statement about his works:

Having found myself previously embedded in theories based in traditionalism and the history of painting, I became lost in the idea of the transcendent image. This “goal” is, in my research, a commonality between many painters throughout history, all searching for a moment of aesthetic perfection that transports them beyond the everyday, the mundane, and the human. Whether this venture be to liberate myself spiritually or only to fulfill some internal craving for masturbation through aesthetic execution, it has consumed my practice. The digital world allows so many opportunities for me to go beyond my physical limitations, depicting visual illusions that are otherwise impossible for myself to create physically, creating colors that cannot and will never be depicted organically, and adapting flat space to become layered and spatial. Working in vivid, digitally enhanced colors, I fuse layered and mediated cultural data, creating “new space”, simultaneously decomposing and self-constructing. I constantly accept and question my power in the creation of these images and videos, attempting to maintain some semblance of classical structure, enhancing their mythic and physically nonexistent qualities, while simultaneously pushing to make an entirely new image.


Constructed Documentation of The Martyrdom of Google Image #11

Constructed Documentation of Prolonged Stare #2

Constructed Documentation of the Martyrdom of Google Image #3, #1, and #4

Constructed Documentation of Thoughts on the History of Painting the Metaphysical (The Reversal of the Isciopagus of Lakshmi Tatma aka the Reversal of the Reincarnation of Vishnu)


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