Creating street art installations is one thing, but Brusse is turning a lot of his art installations inwards — into kitchens, bedrooms, and living rooms. With a series called Love Injections, Brusse takes carefully-planned messages of love and sprinkles them into everyday domestic settings, personalizing street art and showing his close relationship with the messages he’s trying to convey. While his art is somewhat revealing, it is his biography that is the most revealing about his works. See the excerpt below.

2009 It is over with my girlfriend?¿?¿ Learned that love has a lot of sides which are hidden for our eyes.
Learned so much more. I lost one of the most beautiful person of my life… but life continous and positivity is the message!
Negativity is not even an option. We are still in contact. She will always be one of the most important persons in my life.
Now I am living things I otherwise never would have lived if it hadn’t be for the 2009 love story.
Future Love (analyzing the past).

If it takes an individual who is intense about love to create this kind of art, so be it. This stuff would maybe be a little bit creepy… if it wasn’t just so damn adorable and creative.

Visit his website to see more works, as the website not only has a lot of interesting reading material, but images of many, many more interesting projects as well. Spread the love!

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