Buke & Gass certainly make music that is both adorably charming and unbelievably grating. Their latest album, Riposte, clocks in at just under 45-minutes, but its 14 tracks seem to go on forever in what feels like an off-the-wall, high-energy experimental pop-rock marathon. Like a mixture of Nedelle Torrisi of Cryptacize and Hayley Williams of Paramore, Buke & Gass’ vocalist Arone Dyer has a take it or leave it voice that is very much suitable for a Top 40s single.

Riposte is certainly an interesting listen. It is inventive, and it weaves songs by taking an all-genre-inclusive step forward. Vocals, guitar, and percussion play rhythmically with one another, taking turns hacking it out at every turn. But every track on this disc has a short attention span; the spastic pacing and stylistic shifts can become insane-making over the course of the album. Pretty good in small doses, but dicey in large ones.


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Buke & Gass – “Your Face Left Before You” – DOWNLOAD MP3


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