What better way to celebrate Earth Day (April 22nd) than by acknowledging our place within the cosmos as a whole? Well, okay, there might be better ways, such as getting out there and actually doing something (see the official Earth Day website for some ideas or get governmental by taking some ideas from the EPA)… but if you’re lazy and would rather stimulate your brain hypothetically and visually than actually doing something physically, Ross Berens has some really amazing Galaxy series posters for you — yes, you — to look at, buy, cherish, and read. See below.

(Buy the whole set, including the one of Pluto — ooh, controversy — and get a discount!)

But really, this post is somewhat in jest. There are a lot of ways to help celebrate Earth Day, starting with simple things like taking shorter showers (or not taking a shower at all!), catching rain water to use to water your plants, or turning off your lights. Do what you can.

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