Ah, Valentine’s Day — a dreaded holiday for some and the ultimate heart-warming day for others. In either situation, though, viewing some diverse art is a good remedy. Here are some good shows taking place on Friday the 12th, in Portland and Seattle. They’re group shows that show that it’s not just about selfish relationships on Valentine’s Day! Community love’s worth something, too.


Yet another event from Seattle art collective Artifakt

Damager by Grym.

Terror by BeeryMethod.

Lutjanus campechanus by Crystal Barbre. Oil on canvas. 42″ x 72″.

Matroyshka Dolls by iamintricate.


For the fifth year in a row, the Portland Love Show will be taking place this year at the Olympic Mills Commerce Center (107 SE Washington St.) from 7:00pm to 12:00am.

Here are just some of our favorite pieces showing this year.

Inevitable by BMAC. 16″ x 20″, $100.

Love and Lust Contemplating Their Predicament by Chuck E. Bloom. 14″ x 18″, $950.

Tied by Kindra Crick. Encaustic mixed media. 10″ x 8″, $180.

last of the famous international playboys by John Gajowski. 17″ x 22″, $250.