… epic.

Having just stumbled across the website of Eliot Lee Hazel for the first time ever, all I can think is… why and how is all his work so bloody brilliant?!!

With photography that certainly runs the gamut in terms of film quality and overall style, Eliot Lee Hazel has select pieces on his website which seem to share one notable similarity: they all infer complex back stories through the use of human forms in variable settings. Many of the images seem carefully plotted, its models posed, but they still manage to avoid becoming stagnant. (Might I also note that even his arrangement of his photographs in a timeline setting is color-coordinated and flows all too smoothly?)

Bravo, bravo, bravo. I can’t remember the last time I was so consistently enthralled and surprised by a photographer. And, of course, like all ridiculously talented artistically-inclined folks, Eliot Lee Hazel makes music and film as well. But of course.

It is highly recommended that you visit his website to see more images.
(I’m having a hard time deciding how to limit my selections.)

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