Holy Moley, Ariana Page Russell Is Losing Face.

Almost missed this show by Ariana Page Russell, who works taking photographs of skin.

“How can that possibly be interesting?” you ask?

Judging by the description, I would have imagined some kind of macro biological photography analysis of skin, but Russell’s photographs of skin are just as much about the human being their stuck onto than the skin itself. Her work is conceptually creative and visually engrossing.

This show at Platform Gallery (114 Third Avenue S, Seattle, WA) closes out tomorrow, so catch it quickly!

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Vivian Hua wears a lot of random hats, but has somewhat mastered globetrotting like a hobo and evading traditional 9-to-5 work schedules. She enjoys observing human idiosyncrasies perhaps more than anything and is a magnet for homeless people (a joy) and bug bites of all types (absolutely terrible). She doesn’t want to space travel, really, which is an unpopular view these days. Through her work, she hopes to embrace the temporary while documenting the nostalgic, using divination and dream symbolism as guides through her own cosmic maze. Additional writing, photography and video work, and other crap, like her astrological chart, can be seen at www.inallthings-patterns.net. She is the Editor-in-Chief of REDEFINE magazine.