Two months ago, I went to South Korea and went to the National Museum Of Contemporary Art. I was blown away. No one really hears that much about the South Korean art scene, but there are some true big players. Unfortunately, many of them either do not have huge presences on the web or absolutely just get lost in translation (a typical Korea name, after all, can be romanticized into English in a number of ways; there’s no standard).

Luckily, photographer Atta Kim does have a web presence, and her photography seems to very obviously speak to her skills as not just a photographer, but as an artist who makes people feel comfortable enough to shed their skin, if you will.

The Museum Project: Brightly-colored staged sets portray human beings as museum showcases.

Deconstruction Series: Naked bodies are strewn about wastelands like debris.

Portrait Series: Elderly men and women seem to wear the weight of their history on their faces.

I highly recommend that you visit Atta Kim’s website; you can view many more images on there, and they can even be viewed in full-size.