As if Portland didn’t already have a big enough reputation for being a beard-friendly city, The Tribute Gallery has a new show, titled Keep Portland Beard, opening tonight. But don’t worry: the opening itself isn’t until April 24th! If you’re not sure whether you want to turn out for the event, hopefully the images below will convince you.


The Renaissance Man by Rachel Caldwell.

Quickly by Chad Eaton.

Beard Hat by Kyle Durrie.

Your Great-Grandfather Would Be Proud by BT Livermore for his own company. Awesome!

Portland Hipster Bigfoot by Santiago Uceda (that’s kind of a beard, right?).

These are just a few of the artists showing. There’s more! A bunch more! (This is strangely a very blue post. I don’t think the show will be a very blue show.)

Guest-curated by Michael Buchino of BeardRevue. RSVP here.