It’s the talk of the town. Finally, the Seattle Art Museum has an exhibition honoring the man of the Seattle music scene — the man who, to this day, people from foreign countries are still bringing up to me when I mention that I’m from Seattle: Kurt Cobain.

I have a love/hate relationship with the Seattle Art Museum, I’ll say right now. They have good exhibits from time-to-time, sure, but what city’s art museum doesn’t? It’s in scenarios such as exhibits like this where it is important that SAM shines. Well, tonight’s the night of the opening event, and it seems like the image that’s being used the most — a 2006 sculpture by the talented Scott Fife — might be the most visually-appealing piece in the show. Photography from Alice Wheeler is also notable, as it was stems from her friendship with Cobain. Other pieces seem more interesting on conceptual levels.

Below is a video introducing the show, and you can view a slideshow here on SAM’s website to decide for yourself.

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