Tennessee-based singer-songwriter Kyle Andrews is releasing his 18-minute EP (with one remix track) just in the nick of time. KANGAROO comes out the tail end of August, and it is a summery blockbuster of an album — a caffeine-riddled energetic blast full of feel-good pop songwriting.

The synthpop songs are short, sweet, and guaranteed to make your head bob and your arms go crazy like a wacky waving inflatable arm-flailing tube man. “Sushi (Slow Dancing At The Prom Mix),” despite its horrible title, is surprisingly charming, with its romantic proposals of, “Could we have a moment?” Most notable, though, is the danceable opener, “You Always Make Me Smile.” It sets the positively-vibed stage early on, and in case you’ve forgotten about it fifteen minutes into the album, the EP closes with a remix of the same track, and it’s somehow just as enjoyable the second time around (or the fifteeth time, for that matter, cause chances are you’ll want to blast this EP a few times through).

Listen to “You Always Make Me Smile” – DOWNLOAD MP3


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