Launderette is a short film that takes place in a laundromat — a place that can feel stale and depressing, yet always seems to capture a strange charm when viewed through a lens. UK director Bertie Telezynski‘s short film, with cinematography by Alex Nevill, is a personal look at the lives of those who visit the laundromat. By asking laundromat patrons personal questions that skip past inane “small talk” and delve directly into the innermost thoughts of strangers, Launderette manages to capture opinions about beautiful things and memorable childhoods. Many of these questions are fraught with discomfort due to their personal nature, and it’s remarkable that the strangers generally complied with answering. One can’t help but respect the filmmakers for partaking in what must have been an unpredictable and uncomfortable situation.

In the end, my only problem is with the short’s post-production. It may have been purposely dreary, but overall, it feels too unprocessed. Not that overprocessing is a must for every film, but in the low-light conditions in which this short was shot, the colors feel muddled. Nonetheless, if human reactions and social interactions are up your alley, this short will interest you.

You can watch the whole short below.


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