Macramé, One of the techniques Portland-based jewelry designer Amira Mednick uses, is believed to have originated from 13th-century Arab weavers. According to Wikipedia, the Spanish word for macramé is derived from the Arabic word migramah (مقرمة), believed to mean believed to mean “striped towel,” “ornamental fringe,” or “embroidered veil.”

Enough on the history lessons, though. I’ve never been a huge one for jewelry because it often feels a bit too high-maintenance or non-sustainable or luxurious for my tastes. Mednick’s works, though, which sometimes use sustainable materials, are high fashion without being stuffy. One of my favorite new posessions includes these bloody amazing woven rings.

Ah, but it gets better. Stumble on to see a combination of canvas and macrame works by Mednick:

You can find a lot of her works on sale soon at Crafty Wonderland.

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