This post and these images are taken from Yanko Design.

Created by Yuree S. Lim and Jieun Yang, this might be a prototype rather than an actual product. I can’t be sure. In either case, I constantly have the problem of not knowing what to do with my teabags after using them (I generally resort to putting them bag into their original packaging). It seems these ladies have a more utilitarian — if one can say this is utilitarian — idea. Check out the Engrish-isms used by the designers to describe this loveliness:

As tea break become one of popular culture, tea lovers want to enjoy a cup of tea anytime, anywhere. The problem is there is no proper way to treat wet tea bags. While wandering around to find where to put it down, tea bag brew more bitter in a cup or dropping all around in the air destroying calm and zen atmosphere of the tea break.

Now, we proudly present Teabag Coaster. Teabag Coaster was designed to make a tasty cup of tea, and color your moment in everyday life beautifully.

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