What happens when you mix two familiar faces together? The result can be scary, we’ve learned, from those image-generating programs that mash two adults together to create warped, inbred-looking potential children. But somehow illustrator Jesse Lenz has mixed Andy Warhol‘s iconic image of Marilyn Monroe with creatures like Frankenstein and dictators like Chairman Mao to create strangely visually-appealing hybrids. I mean, maybe it’s just me, but even Predator mixed with Marilyn Monroe is pretty freaking cute. It’s no coincidence that a lot of dictators seem to show up in the works alongside monsters, though. Lenz’s artist statement on the subject includes a C.S. Lewis quote and a George Orwell 1984 reference. And that’s just the beginning. Visit his Flickr to see the entire collection, which is screenshotted below, and to read his artist statement on the series.

In addition to the screenshot, of course, I must include Predator-meets-Marilyn. I was serious. I’m in love.

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