Because Americans aren’t obsessed enough with food already, Scion has an upcoming show (May 22nd through June 12th) curated by Zio Fulcher. It will be taking place in Culver City, with free valet parking (fancy!) and an open bar (fancier!)… with art from Clare Crespo, Jeph Gurecka, Scott Hove, Tamara Kostianovsky, Alan Macdonald, James Reynolds, Martha Rich, and Jeff Vespa. What’s more: The Candy Wrapper Museum and Vintage Cookbook Library! Amazing!

Tamara Kostianovsky uses clothing, ink, shellac, polyester batting, and meat hooks to mimic slabs of meat!

Martha Rich, looking simply at food we all know and love.

Jeff Vespa points out the art of blown-up photos of hamburgers sitting side, by side, by side.

Felt food by Clare Crespo.

Alan Macdonald, slathering food in retro clothing.

Intensely terrifying image from The Candy Wrapper Museum.

Scion Presents: ‘PALATE’ curated by Zio Fulcher from Scion ART on Vimeo.

See more info about the show at


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