This weekend (plus Thursday)’s recommended picks! This is the last weekend of the Portland International Film Festival, so if you haven’t seen a movie yet, get out there.

Forever Enthralled

Chen Kaige tells the story of Chinese opera singer, Mei Langfang, who experienced world-wide fame, only to have his career threatened when he refused to sing under the Japanese occupation.

Tue, Feb. 23 @ 8:15pm (B1)
Thu, Feb. 25 @ 7:00pm (C21)

The Inheritors

The Inheritors takes you behind-the-scenes of the daily lives of hard-working people in Northern Mexico. Often working long hours under rough conditions, entire families partake in labor in order to survive.

Thu, Feb. 25 @ 6:00pm (B3)
Sat, Feb. 27 @ 2:45pm (WH)

The Sicilian Girl

A crime drama inspired by the true story of a 17-year-old girl who came forward against organized crime in Sicily, in order to avenge the deaths of her brother and father.

Fri, Feb. 26 @ 6:15pm (B1)
Sat, Feb 27 @ 8:00pm (WH)


Explore the crazy world of Italian television, which is crammed full of game shows and reality TV. Oh, and did we mention the media is controlled by the governing body?

Wed, Feb. 24 @ 6:15pm (B1)
Sat, Feb. 27 @ 2:30pm (B1)

Ward No. 6

Shot in an operating mental ward, this film is a rehashing of Chekhov’s tale about a doctor turning patient in his own asylum.

Wed, Feb. 24 @ 6:00pm (WH)
Thu, Feb. 25 @ 8:15pm (B3)

Woman without Piano

Rosa seems to live a boring, lonely married lifestyle, but when her husband is asleep, she sneaks out to meet a young Polish construction worker. Going with the flow, she explores nocturnal Madrid in ways she’d probably never imagined.

Sun, Feb. 21 @ 2:00pm (B4)
Mon, Feb. 22 @ 9:15pm (B4)
Sat, Feb. 27 @ 8:00pm (C21)

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