In 2009, Psychic Ills released Mirror Eye, a hypnotic, trance-inducing work in psychedelic experimental rock that was fairly well-received, except for by the idiots at Pitchfork, who gave the album a seriously mind-blowing 1.4. But, of course, when Pitchfork gives an album a really, really bad score, it’s often worth listening to. Such is the case with Mirror Eye.

For the album, Psychic Ills toured with Butthole Surfers — a hilarious tour which actually was surprisingly fitting. While in D.C., I had made the trek to Baltimore, Maryland, explicitly to see Psychic Ills, only to discover I wasn’t on the guest list. Psychic Ills’ van had broken down in the desert, and in the mad rush to stay on track with the rest of their tour, guest lists were just about the last thing on their minds. When I finally did chat with them, they were apologetic — extremely apologetic! In addition to ferrying me into the show and apologizing in person, they sent me a follow-up e-mail message the next day to apologize profusely again. What I’m getting at is: Psychic Ills are nice folk, and it’s nice to support nice folk — especially nice, talented folk who are slammed by Pitchfork. You should get yourself a copy of Catoptric.

A limited edition 12″, Catoptric will be released on June 22nd through The Social Registry and will be limited to 500 copies. The record contains old songs the band recorded between 2006 and 2009, between the release of their two albums, Dins and Mirror Eye. Naturally, then, the sounds will be fitting for any existing fan of Psychic Ills, and judging by the limited edition release, the point of the 12″ probably to give back to existing fans.

1. TRANSMUTE (5.14)
3. INDUS ECHO (4.47)
4. OUTVOCATION (11.36)


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